Indian Academy of Cleaning Science

Manmachine Works has set new benchmarks in Quality Cleaning Services in the world of Housekeeping primarily due to its trained and well developed Manpower, Systems, Processes & World Class equipment since 1987. The success and customer appreciation made us grow to verticals of Housekeeping Services and Sales of Quality Cleaning equipment to maintain quality of Cleanliness.

Indian Academy of Cleaning Science was formed in the year 2000 to add a new dimension to the company's mission of revolutionizing the cleaning business to the whole country. A well-trained and professional manpower is of vital importance to successfully accomplish the cleaning services. The Academy imparts modular training to cleaning staff from Contract cleaners, Government Institutions, Factories and other commercial establishments.

A set of 50 modules of Training are designed on the parameters of the British Institute of Cleaning Science. It fulfills the requirements of the Cleaning Industry by bringing about a resourceful combination of Man & Machine.