Master Your Car Wash Knowledge:

If you want to make your career in car cleaning and detailing then our car wash college will help you in shaping your career in bets possible way. You can avail quality car wash courses created by seeing the need of today’s cleaning industry. Car wash college of Manmachine works is an independent educational training body with the cleaning sector including thousands of corporate members and individuals.

Be trained in just 5 days!

Carwash College is a soon to be launched endeavor in the country that will be a living testament of Manmachine works' commitment to innovative Cleaning solutions in the country increasing Quality and Productivity with a cleaner environment. Our programs are structured to be modular and simple that provide hands-on training to new and existing operators using most modern equipment to deliver customer delight and a great sense of pride in them.


If you are in search of getting accredited skill training then we can help you. We are here to provide you with a car detailing training and car wash professional training that will shape your career by polishing your skills with a touch of quality in your work. After the completion of the training, operators become skilled in every procedure and technique of complete car cleaning in just 5 days – a feat they would achieve in a comparatively small period rather than undergoing training for years.

Our mission:

Our only mission is to raise and improvise the quality, standard and face of the cleaning industry with our professional education courses and accredited training.