Exppress car wash: A revolution in the car wash business

A name highlighting more than just car cleaning. Car cleaning is itself a huge terminology comprising of different sections of cleaning including car washing, car detailing, car upholstery cleaning and many others. Exppress car wash is the prompt convenient car cleaning service, first of its kind, which serves the purpose of the fast-paced society. Exppress car wash is a brand which is changing the way people think about car cleaning. It caters its services from A-Z of car cleaning segments and trust us, we do everything to take care of the car. The first premier national car wash chain has trained professionals and experts who always use the best measures and car care solutions to safely and effectively maintain the look of the car. We are first in the Indian market to provide such a quality car detailing services that are created in a way to meet the customer’s demand and pertain timely and quality service delivery.
It is a unique mechanized car wash concept that serves the demand of a busy routine of people where every second keeps its own value. Everyone looks for the best car cleaning firm that helps them in saving their time by cleaning their car in the least possible duration. If one is looking for car washing center near me, Exppress Car Wash holds the top searches.

Choices we offer:

The customer gets a wide range of services to select from under the roof of Exppress car wash. It is a unique mechanized car cleaning concept whereas cars are getting pampered through the latest equipment including high pressure cleaning machines, spray extraction machines, high powered vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and so on. It is a brand that is changing the mindset of people regarding car cleaning. We help the customers in gaining wonderful car cleaning experience and even enhance their driving experience. The car is thoroughly cleaned using intensive machinery properly handled by qualified professionals. We provide high-quality car wash including automatic car wash, steam car wash, and foam car wash. Not just the exterior of the car is taken care of but even we take care of car interior cleaning like leather conditioning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning using a vacuum.

Franchising with Exppress Car Wash:

It provides the clients all the needed tools to set its footprint on the road leading to success. This unique business model of the car wash, location plan, operational methods, design features and its promise of providing unbeatable customer experience for gaining outstanding value, takes it to a different level of business which is more lucrative and trustworthy. All it features helps in positioning it as one of the most interesting franchise business for the public who feel the excitement to get into the amazing world of car detailing. Not just washing, car detailing business even extends up to car coating including ceramic coating, opti coat and the paint protection film. Car polish is the new trend in the car cleaning industry.

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