Manmachine Works

Manmachine car wash solutions are innovative and complement your Carwash business. Beginning with Consultancy and Design services to the array of products & solutions tailor-made to various applications, our range is exclusive and assorted to suit your requirements as one stop shop. Only THE BEST global car care products in terms of quality and performance tested in Indian conditions are offered such as, micro fibre cloth, car wash towels, car paint protection, upholstery and underbody cavity treatment, multi-coloured foams, centralized vacuuming solutions, quick water blowers etc. We have exclusive automatic car wash solutions to deliver up to 200 shining cars every day. All our products are biodegradable and environment friendly. Car Wrapping is our forthcoming innovation in car care that protects your car from scratches and keeps it forever shining and new. We guarantee you delighted customers from your outlets. The best is yet to come!
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