Why Opti Coat India?

Opti coat brings genuine and unique superior products for protecting and caring your car. All the products under the banner of Opti Coat are very durable and innovative. Opti Coat products are only applied by certified and skilled installers and all the products are applied it enhance the looks and beauty of your vehicle. These products even extend the life range of the vehicle for maximising resale value. Opti Coat closely works with the paint and car manufacturers and detailers for developing the most updated automotive products for car detailing in the marketplace.

Our Opti coat applicators Across India:

All our Opti coat dealers are authorized applicators who are bringing down the most advanced and latest technology of paint protection film to your car. You can either become an authorized Opti-coat applicator by a simple procedure or become a part of our business through our car detailing franchise.

Company Owned Outlets:

Today car detailing business is already stretched out business across globe and in India it is expanding with better expansion rate. We are providing our services across country through our company owned outlets known as car detailing studio.

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